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2 years ago

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I visited Stamford yesterday and returned with kowalskypage an old friend, she was the nurse at the medical center that I visited when I lived in the region. We had coffee and our meetings and sexual encounters living at home and how much we both enjoyed the experience. Our talk was a little dirtier than ever before, and it was suggested to return to his home for a little fun. This is where the bomb will explode, waiting for her friend and her husband was called to lunch, fell for it could not " do much ". went home and waited for friends to arrive, meanwhile had a kiss and a hug and a good sense of each other blody be disturbed only by the closing of vehicle doors. The freinds and came to my surprise, Judy was the lady who joined us earlier when we had our first venture into the bed and the girls for the first time from semi -lesbian feelings. Jaime I, who, as kowalskypage I knew the girl asked to present, told him that Maureen had been myDoctors and nurse who had known the work. He laughed and said I was lucky I had the two women at the same time, about 7 years before it was Judy and I had said. Since I had a cup of tea, I asked all about the experience and the two ladies were good. I admitted I was kowalskypage so well and was not planned and the opportunity gladly do it again, but he changed it to be there. He assured me it would be by his side no problem if the girls have to wait to be repeated and wish he would stay and down the stairs and listen. The girls were told of the situation, and although it was a little strange, the three went upstairs and started kissing and fondling and undressing slowly. I lay in bed and kissed Maureen everything and still had the sweet-tasting pussy I've ever had, I looke on one side and Judy was with him three fingers in the ass and squeezed the nipples playing. In a moment, sat down and Maureenbegan to suck my cock and as I lay on my back Judy slid her pussy kowalskypage licked and sucked my mouth. kowalskypage I was about to come and relax away from Maureen and slipped at the time very moist and juicy pussy, it was pure heaven. When I rode I was able to suck the teats of the two women, such as Judy told me that her husband is at the door watching what was happening, I look with a smile on his face was pure desire to see his cock in hand. I refused and took his wife Maureen, and when I was your pleasure, I felt the bed shift and her husband was behind attempts to stick his cock in the ass, something he had never done before. In the heat of battle, joined me and her kowalskypage movements were synchronous with me and with their wives, I could not resist and shot my load in her ass as he shot his load in my ass. When relieved me of my cock was dripping with Maureen Judy slipped to lick clean kowalskypage and fuck me hard again. When her husband went kowalskypage to JudyBanda and licked her clean and then put her mouth on my ass lick and rim Togue me. I could not stop and shot Maureen and lay beside her. The two girls leaned over to kiss me and stroke my flaccid penis now, there was Judy 's husband's hands, who put his mouth to suck and kowalskypage started licking, and when pressed, said jusy how he always wanted to see her wife and wanted to get fucked another man and I could still get it. That was not my place, but the girls both said they expected the two men, a little fun so that they are also fun to watch. We played for another 2-3 hours with queues and languages ​​in all different places. A then meet regularly, although he had to spend this evening kowalskypage with Maureen and they were playing with their toys and play trying some bondage.

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